La función principal de la máquina automática de soldadura por fusión en caliente

Actualizar:25 Jul 2020

Fully automatic hot-melt welding machine is a very impo […]

Fully automatic hot-melt welding machine is a very important equipment in welding operations, especially the widespread use of PE pipes in modern society. It seems that the role of hot-melt welding machines is more important. As we all know, PE pipes are used in priority areas such as gas pipelines and water pipelines. Generally applicable, PEPE automatic hot melt welding machine and hot melt butt welding machine must be used to weld PE pipes.

PE automatic hot melt welding machine
There are many process parameters for butt welding of PE pipes, and the action process is also more complicated. Therefore, the quality of welding is relatively more affected by human factors. Fully automatic butt welding machine is controlled by computer program, and the welding machine has automatic monitoring and prompt function. The welding machine requires the operator to follow the prescribed steps and automatically monitor each step and related parameters. If any deviation is found, the welding machine will automatically stop the welding process and prompt the operator, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the impact of human error to a relatively small amount .


A pressure sensor and a temperature probe are connected to the control box of the automatic hot melt butt welding machine, which can control and adjust the temperature of the heating plate, and can also control the time parameters of 5 stages. During work, different pressures and maintenance times are allowed to be set and recorded at each stage. Each work cycle can be automatically recorded and repeated operations. A new set of welding parameters is selected. If the actual parameters are out of tolerance, an alarm will appear. The article comes from Baidu.